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Substance Use

Substance Use

Substance Use Counseling

Individual and family therapy are an important part of substance use counseling and treatment for overall recovery. Forward Counseling and Consultation (FCC) therapists specialize in treatment of substance use and are all trained in treatment of co-occurring concerns; trauma, mental health and substance use and have experience working with medication assisted treatment, OWI assessments and driver safety plans, recovery groups and assisting individuals to transition to levels of care dependent on recovery needs. FCC staff provide outpatient substance use counseling and services for individual counseling, family therapy and recovery groups which allow the individual to cut down and/or stop substance use, build coping skills, increase distress tolerance, improve relationships and family systems, understand the relationship to substance use and change behaviors and/or lifestyle choices in addition to treatment any underlying and unresolved mental health and/or trauma concerns.

Levels of Care for Substance Use Treatment

  1. Inpatient (or outpatient) Detoxification
  2. Inpatient Treatment (long-term: 60-90 days) (short-term: 10-30 days)
  3. Outpatient Treatment (day treatment, intensive outpatient, general and/or non-intensive outpatient treatment)
  4. Support Groups, peer support, self-help

FCC focused on outpatient treatment in the form of individual therapy, couple and family therapy and therapeutic skills-based, recovery orientated groups.