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What is Yoga-Psychotherapy? It is a joining of tools from practices of yoga and psychotherapy to help manage physical and mental concerns in a non-medicinal, holistic treatment option.

Examples of exercises accessed during session(s) are breath work which employs various breathing methods aimed at calming the nervous system, postures which employ low-impact yoga poses to aid in relaxation and trauma sensitive healing for individuals while using medication to quiet the brain and relieve stress by focusing the mind on breathing and sensory feelings.

Yoga practice can alter neurochemistry and other bodily systems to relieve symptoms of various mental health conditions and through practice individuals can manage their symptoms in cooperation with psychotherapy.  Several clinicians at Forward Counseling and Consultation integrate movement/yoga and psychotherapy to create a healing and holistic option. If interested in learning more about yoga-psychothreapy and if it’s the right treatment modality for you, please schedule an initial appointment with one of Forward Counseling and Consultation therapists who are trained in yoga to gather more information, ask questions and determine next steps in your healing process. If interested in learning more about the individual therapists please go to the team tab on webpage to review full bios.

Ann Frisella, MS, LPC-IT, SAC-IT, SEP-IT, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Dana Goodman, MS, LPC, SUD, Yoga Teacher (YTT-200)

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