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Dissociative Processing

Dissociative Processing

Many people experience dissociation (dissociate) during their life.  If you dissociate you may feel disconnected from yourself and the world around, you.  When assessing for dissociation we need to look at the spectrum of dissociation, the level of distress and the individuals unique experience.  When dissociation involves problems with memory, identity, emotion, perception, behavior, and sense of self we look at what treatment options best fit the individual.   Dissociative symptoms can potentially disrupt every area of mental functioning.  Examples of dissociative symptoms include the experience of detachment or feeling as if one is outside, one’s body, and loss of memory or amnesia. Dissociative disorders are frequently associated with previous experience of trauma(s).  There are three types of dissociative disorders:

  • Dissociative identity disorder
  • Dissociative amnesia
  • Depersonalization/derealization disorder

Forward Counseling and Consultation (FCC) therapists have extensive experience working with individuals who are experiencing dissociation on a spectrum. We will meet you were you are at to work on providing psychoeducation, skills and stabilization while working towards integration and healing.