Affinity Groups

What are Affinity Groups?

They are a “home base” environment which provides a supportive space to foster connections and join people who share aspects of their identity, especially in situations in which aspects of their identity are in the minority or are marginalized.  The groups will serve as a visible, accessible resource and processing space for identified employees focused on creating community and sense of belonging, empowerment and building a strong network and supportive space to be their authentic self.    

What are the Objectives of the Group?

To embrace a culture of inclusion and build awareness and appreciation for diversity, create a supportive space to foster a sense of belonging, community and overall empowerment to share similar experiences, foster discussion of identity-specific issues and advance greater equity by achieving the above.

Starting an Affinity Group at your Organization or Business?

As an organization consider what your workplace needs most and identify it as a goal for the group. For example, your goal might be creating a safe space for employees of particular communities or backgrounds. With the help of an affinity group, affected individuals can join safe spaces at work and share their experiences. Whichever your goal, we can assist in defining clear parameters for the group to follow and assist in creating safe spaces in your workplace.